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Aircraft for category 600 kg

Our first project was the Scout aircraft, whose shape reminds us of the glorious times of Czechoslovak postwar aviation and uniquely combines the legacy of the traditional Czech aviation design school with the most modern design and production means. It will appeal primarily to pilots with a distinctive taste for classic post-war aircraft.

The main design criteria were the comfort of the crew, easy control of the aircraft, high safety and quality workmanship. Due to the extra width and height of the cab, adjustable pedals and natural seating position, the cockpit provides comfort even over long flight. Thanks to the forward retractable cockpit, the aircraft is easy to board, making the Scout suitable for larger and less mobile pilots. All controls are ergonomically designed and easily accessible from both seats, so they require minimal attention during operation.

Excellent chassis allows to operate from less-quality surfaces. With the R 912 ULS (100Hp) engine, Scouta can also be operated at shorter airports. Due to excellent flight characteristics, it is also suitable for flight training.


The construction of the aircraft is all-metal using the highest quality materials such as aircraft alloy 6061 or steel ASI 4130. Most of the steering parts are fitted with ball bearings.

Fuselage, wings and tail surfaces are half-shell construction. The wing is equipped with a flap and aileron.

The chassis is with a nose wheel.

Standard control is mounted by the control lever „knipl“

Convenience on the plane is ensured by a large cab with a width of 1.2 m, adjustable foot control pedals and sophisticated deployment of all controls, tested on our previous projects.

The propulsion of the aircraft is taken care of by the proven Rotax 912 engine, which with the missile rescue system guarantees the aircraft a high level of reliability and safety.


Basic configuration

  • Engine Rotax 912 80 HP
  • Adjustable propeller on ground
  • Basic flight instruments and motor instrument Canardia
  • Basic upholstery
  • Double brakes
  • Tank in the wing
  • Electric flaps and balancing
  • Standard tires 16“

Optional equipment

  • Propeller according to customer's request
  • Engine Rotax 912 100Hp
  • Instrumentation according to customer's request
  • Rescue system
  • Retro exhaust pipe - distinctive sound


Dimensions and weights

Wing span9,6 m
Total length6,78 m
Cab width (shoulder area)120 cm
Operating multiples+4 g / -2 g
Maximum take-off weight600 kg
Payload250 kg
Maximum luggage weight20 kg
Fuel tank capacity2 x 45 l

Flight performance

Cruise speed160-200 km/h
Unsurpassed speed260 km/h
Stall speed (pure configuration)81 km/h
Stall speed (landing configuration)72 km/h
Climb rateMin 5 m/s

Power unit

EngineRotax 912 UL / ULS / iS
Maximum power80 / 100 hp
FuelAutomotive unleaded fuel or AVGAS 100LL
PropellerThree-blade composite or wooden propeller, adjustable on the ground or in flight

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