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About aircraft

The aim of our project is to create a group of aircraft built on a unified foundation to meet the needs of a wider range of UL and LSA pilots. Their use can be compared to SUV cars. Despite their appearance, they are not only STOL aircraft, although in some versions they can cope with these aircraft.

The Irbis aircraft is manufactured with a classic spur chassis. The aircraft are suitable for training and shorter tourist flights, with the possibility of landing on areas with worse surface. For group of pilots with special requirements is prepared version "Bush style" featuring a longer wing with flaps and wings, larger wheels and looks reminiscent of the icon STOL flying Pilatus PC6 Turbo Porter.

When designing Irbis, emphasis was placed on the quality of workmanship, a high degree of reliability, excellent flight characteristics and superior comfort. Of course there is low empty weight, which is the prototype with the largest equipment 322 kg (rescue system, Rotax 912 ULS, in-flight adjustable propeller, tanks in the fuselage and wings, large wheels, transponder, complete paint spraying, etc.).

The construction of the aircraft is all-metal using the highest quality materials such as aircraft alloy 6061 or steel ASI 4130. The entire control is fitted with ball bearings. Fuselage, wings and tail surfaces are half-shell construction. The wing is equipped with a flap and aileron. Steering wheel-type steering or a "stick" control lever are mounted, but this does not make it easier to board.

Hydro pneumatic shock absorbers are used on the main landing gear to ensure a comfortable and safe landing without bouncing. On request, it is possible to mount the disconnection of the spurs lock from the cockpit.

Convenience in the aircraft provides a large cabin with a width of 1.25 m, adjustable seats with the possibility of electric shift and sophisticated layout of all controls, tested on previous projects. The proven Rotax 912 engine, which with the rocket rescue system, guarantees the aircraft a high level of reliability and safety. The 80-liter fuel tank has an Irbis aircraft in its wings.